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Migrating to Transax from a Previous Gateway for Integrators

This guide covers some key concepts related to the migration and cutover activity from a previous Gateway to Transax.

Payment Tokens

Transax calls payment tokens SAFEIDs.

Token Import Planning

It is generally not successful to try to time a cutover from one gateway to another with the time tokens will be imported to Transax. This is due to complexities of data mapping and cleaning, and the manual processes involved in exchanging this data.

Instead, we recommend beginning to create SAFEID records using SAFE Only transaction in Transax in parallel with continuing processing with your current provider. This can be completed using the add_safe operation of the Rox Transaction API.

Once you start creating SAFEID records in Transax, then you can request existing tokens be imported to Transax. Once the import is complete, you’ll have a full list of SAFEIDs in Transax to continue processing without interruption.

If parallel tokenization is not available, you should plan for a 3-5 business day period where tokens that are created in the legacy system are not available in the new system. Tokens created during that period will either need to be migrated as a second wave, or card information re-collected from cardholders.

Handling Refunds

Transactions that originated on your previous Gateway are not refundable using Transax. To overcome this limitation, there are two potential paths: