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Rox API - Frequently Asked Questions

Augusta EMV Integrations

These questions relate to the Augusta EMV Integration Guide.

Q: Can the idTech Augusta be used as an MSR-only device?

No. The Transax idTech Augusta solution and JavaScript Library include logic to force EMV usage when the card is EMV enabled. MSR is only allowed in “fallback” mode (if an EMV chip card fails 3 times) or if the card is not EMV capable. This protects your merchants from potential increased decline rates or chargeback risks.

Q: Do I need to decrypt the device payloads?

No. You do not need and will not be able to decrypt device payloads. The Transax API only accepts encrypted device payloads.

Q: How do I test my integration?

Transax does not offer a test environment. Instead, you should set up a real merchant account and trigger transactions through that using real credit (or debit) cards.

If needed, MasterCard offers test cards, which can be ordered on their Test Card site. Email MasterCard at to request access to the card ordering site. The minimum load amount for a card is $5 and the minimum number of cards is 5. There is a 2% load fee and a $9.99 handling fee. The cards are mailed out within 48 hours of the order.

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Process Transaction API

What type of Transaction (TransactionType) should I use?

Generally, the TransactionType of sale will be appropriate for most use cases. If you conduct Authorizations that are later Captured, then TransactionType of auth followed by a capture transaction should be used - please contact your sales agent to discuss if this use case is appropriate.

When conducting returns, the specific state of the transaction dictates which TransactionType to use:

For further information on the update and adjustment transactions, please refer to quesiton How do I implement Tipping?, and How do I adjust informational fields in a transaction?.

How do I implement Tipping?

A tip can be executed by using the TipAmount parameter. The Amount is not inclusive of TipAmount - the total Authorization (i.e. charge to the cardholder) will be equal to the Amount + TipAmount.

There are two patterns to adding this tip:

// Open question: Need to validate what Transax actually does for tipping - especially for things like adding Tips to Sales. Does it allow tips after settlement? What validation rules apply?

How do I adjust informational fields in a transaction?

The API allows you to pass many optional fields that are not required for a transaction to succeed, but are used for various other features or reporting. Examples of these fields include the Custom Fields, informational amounts liek Tax, and shipping information.

These fields can be updated by initiating an API call with TransactionType of update. This requires passing the originating TransactionId in the API call.